Trivia Questions 06/10/22

  1. The fastest ever recorded windspeed is: 253, 353, or 523 mph? (1996 Tropical Cyclone “Olivia” hit Barrow Island, Australian)
  2. In game 4 of this year’s 2022 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors – you could hear someone in the crowd yellin, “Get Em Wardell!” who was that fan yelling encouragement at: Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, or Jordan Pool? (Stephen Curry’s real first name is Wardell – maybe could’ve thought of Dell Curry his Dad)
  3. If you like Rainbows – you will see more in this US state: Hawaii, Oregon, or Washington? (Hawaii leads in both number & quality of Rainbows because of Mountains, frequent showers, cresting waves, pollen, & more)
  4. Bible Question: Whose tomb did Jesus rise from the dead and walk out of: Joseph, Lazarus, or We Don’t Know? (Jesus was put in the tomb that Joseph had bought for himself)
  5. Looking at the entire world 4.5 babies are born every second. In the US a baby is born every: 4, 6, or 8 seconds?
  6. Golden State’s Stephen Curry’s biggest fear is: Blindness, Height, or Snakes?
  7. The average US Male uses more or less than 9 sheets of toilet paper on a number 2 trip to the bathroom? (Men avg 8.1 sheets women 6.3 sheets)
  8. In a recent interview, Stephen Curry shared that his childhood hero was: Muggsy Bogues, Steve Kerr, or Spud Webb? (Remember, his dad played for Charlotte – Muggsy was the starting guard back then)
  9. If you have Toenail Fungus you can or cannot give it to your wife or family? (You should disinfect the shower each time you use it, should wear breathable socks to bed and wash sheets & towels frequently)
  10. “The Princess Dairies” or “The Princess Pride” which of these 2 movies is one of Stephen Curry’s favorite all-time movies? (The Princess Dairies and A Walk To Remember are Steph’s 2 favorite movies