Trivia Questions 05/27/23

  1. Jim Brown averaged 5.2 yds a carry over his NFL career – 11/14/ or 17 other players have also averaged 5 yds or more over their career? (Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, Marion Motley, Russell Wilson, Jamal Charles, Nick Chubb, Jim Brown, Mercury Morris, Aaron Jones, Jonathan Taylor, Joe Perry, Cam Newton, Gaye Sayer, & Barry Sanders as of 05/27/23)
  2. What is the fastest recorded speed of a Thoroughbred during a horse race, closer to: 40, 42, or 44mph? (05/14/2008 “Winning Brew” was clocked at 43.97 mph)
  3. Jim Brown went to 9 career Pro Bowls – that’s 3, 5, or 7 short of the NFL record for most Pro Bowl appearances?
  4. Bible Question: On the 5th day of creation God gave the world: Land Creatures, Man, or Sea Creatures? (Gen 1:20-23)
  5. How many player have a piece of the NFL’s record for most rushing TD’s in a single game: 1, 2, or 3? (Ernie Nevers 1929, Alvin Kamara 2020 both had 6 rushing TD’s)
  6. An average sized chicken will have closer to: 5,000, 7,500, or 10,000 feathers?
  7. In 1998 the college record for most receiving yards in a game by a player was set at: 405 or 504 yds? (Louisiana Tech WR Tony Edwards caught 21 passes torching the Nebraska Cornhuskers secondary for a record 405 yards but still lost the game 56 to 27))
  8. How many birthday cakes can Doug with Liberty Mutal Ins expect to spend with his partner Limo Emu – closer to: 15, 25, or 35? (Wild Emus live 5 to 10 years in the wild but Emus raised in captivity live to an average age of 35 – the oldest lived to be 58)
  9. The college record for most TD’s thrown by a QB in a single game is more or less than a dozen? (11 TD’s accomplished in 1990 by Houston University QB David Klinger vs Eastern Washington)
  10. After the Green Turtle lays its eggs and the sand & sun do their job – each next will usually have more or less than 100 baby turtles making a mad dash to the sea? (Each nest will have 65 to 180 eggs – the average next contains 110 eggs)
  11. Text Question: Which day of the week is recognized as America’s most dangerous day because more people die on this day than any other? Answer: Saturday