Trivia Questions 05/27/22

  1. On a Monday Night back in 2001 – The legendary Jack Buck called his last St. Louis Cardinal game – his final call the Cards lost or won?
  2. Rush Limbaugh work for & got fired from: 4, 6, or 8 radio stations before setting the airwaves on fire in 1988?
  3. Last Saturday the Miami Heat set an NBA Playoff record with 19 steals in their playoff game against the Boston Celtics – the record for most steals by any NBA team in a single game is: 21, 24, or 27?
  4. Hear in the Ozarks we used to listen to Paul Harvey 3 times a day every workday until: 1999, 2004, or 2009? (Paul Harvey had 2 yrs left on his $100 Million dollar contract when he passed in Feb of 2009)
  5. David Feherty ask Fred Couples, “Who was the best trash talker on the course when you played – Freddy said: Peter Jacobson, Gary McCord, or Payne Stewart? (I had no idea Payne Stewart trash talked like Larry “The Legend” Bird did)
  6. What is Baseball’s record for most errors in an single season by an individual player: 106, 122, or 142?
  7. How many chips does Frito-Lay tell us should be in a single standard bag of Doritos – closer to: 121, 141, or 161?
  8. In that same David Feherty interview with Freddy Couples – he was asked, “Who was your childhood crush?” – Freddy answered: Barbara Eden/I Dream of Jeanie, Dawn Wells, Mary Ann Giligan’s Island, or Farah Fawcett Charlie’s Angels?
  9. When was the last time Feb had 29 days: 2018, 2019, or 2020?
  10. Bible Quesiton: From Genesis Gold told Moses to load 1 pair of each unclean animal onto the Ark and to load: 1, 3, or 7 pairs of animals onto the Ark? (Genesis 7:1)