Trivia Questions 05/20/22

  1. In the history of the NBA – how many players have won a NBA MVP award without their team making the playoffs: 1, 2, or 3? (1975-76 Kareem Abdul Jabbar 27.7pts, 16.9reb, 4.12 blks per game)
  2. The longest side of a standard poker car is: less than 3.5″, 3.5″, or more than 3.5″? (3.43″)
  3. 39, 49, 59 which number represents the least amount of games an NBA Player played in out of an 82 game season and still won the NBA MVP award? (Karl Malone 1999)
  4. The highest point value for any stick – in a game of pick-up sticks: 5, 10, or 20?
  5. True or False In every season of Micheal Jordan’s NBA career he averaged 20 pts or more? (MJ’s lowest was his final year 2002-03 – he end the season with 20pts per game)
  6. 2022 Covette, Lamburghini, or Mustang – only one of these cars will fit inside a space from the baseline to the Free Throw Line of a NBA Court? (C:15.9′, L: 14.83′, M: 15.69′)
  7. Tyson Chandler, Rudy Gobert, or DeAndre Jordan – which NBA player holds the record for the NBA’s best career shooting percentage? (.6708%)
  8. There are closer to: 1,000, 1250, or 1,500 elbow shaped noodles in each box of Kraft Mac & Cheese? (1,000 to 1,100)
  9. Bible Question: Of those born of women Jesus said: Elijah, John The Baptist, or Moses was the greatest?
  10. What was the name of the family pet on the TV Sitcom, “The Munsters”: Skippy, Trixy, Spot?