Trivia Questions 05/13/22

  1. The first United States cross-country airplane flight took place in the: 1920’s or 1930’s? (May 2 & 3 1923 – the T2 Transport flew from Long Island to San Diego 2,470 miles in 27hrs)
  2. What color shoes was Jordan Poole wearing when he gave Ja Morant’s right knew a little tug in the Warriors vs Grizzlies 2022 play-off game: Red or Yellow?
  3. The “Jenny Lind” was known for Manufacturing or Music? (The real life “Swedish Nighingale” featured in the movie, “The Greatest Showman” did not have an affair with PT Barnum – she was a deeply religious women & toured with Barnum for 9months until she met a clergyman who like her mother told her that her singing opera and the fame that came with it was evil)
  4. During the wild ending of the Bucks/Celtics game 3 how many different players touched the ball off of Marcus Smart’s missed Free Throw: 5 or 6? (Portis, Smart, P Williams, Lopez, G Williams, & Al Horford)
  5. If you were walking through the woods and spotted a fluffle – you’d be looking at a group of baby: Bunnies or Foxes?
  6. Robert Griffin III ran a 4.48 – 40 yd dash in a charity event and now NFL teams are showing interest in the ESPN football analyst – including the Dallas Cowboys – Griffin needs the money because he only has a net worth of: 1$3 or $31 million dollars?
  7. The first cross-country helicopter flight took place in the 1930’s or 1940’s? (5/13/22, Igor Sikorshy’s XR-4 flew from Connecticut to Ohio making a delivery for the US Army)
  8. The highest known paid price for a Super Bowl Ring is $230, 401 – it was: Lawrence Taylor’s or William “The Fridge” Perry?
  9. Bible Question: Moses took credit for giving the Israelites water in the desert and was not allowed to enter the “Promised Land” but he did get to watch Israel enter Canaan from the top of: Mt Nebo or Mt Pisgah?
  10. Since sacks started being recorded in the NFL – there are closer to 30 or 40 Defensive Players that have recorded at least 100 sacks in their careers? (39, from 1982 to now)