Trivia Questions 05/06/22

1. Eye Height, Chest Height, or Waist Height – which is the safest Microwave Oven installation height? (Microwaves are notorious for week hinges and damaged seals and Eyes & Testes are the body’s most suseptable areas to get electromagnetic radiation)

2. Chiefs first draft pic CB Trent McDuffie – will most likely visit this teammates first: Rashad Fenton, Juan Thornhill, or Willie Gay Jr? (Thornhill wears the #22 which McDuffie wears to honor his dead brother – he’ll want to wear that number if possible)

3. The most common ironing board length is: 51, 54, or 56 inches?

4. This NBA star once had to walk to the Arena for a game because he sent all his money to his family and had no money for a cab – was it: Yannis Antedakounmpo, Nickola Jokic, or Bob Marjanovic?

5. What is the height of a standard bottle of water: 7, 7.5, or 8 inches tall?

6. If you watched any of the 2022 NFL Draft – you saw the famous Bellagia Casino Resort “Water Show” in Las Vegas – it takes closer to: 1,000, 3,000, or 5,000 water jets to put on the show? (1,214 rocket streams – up to 46ft in the air)

7. Bible Question: God created man on the 6th day of creation – he did or did not create woman on the same day? (He created mankind both Male & Female and told them to be fruitful)

8. The NFL Combine record for the fastest 40 yd days is 4.22 – although it did not take place at a combine – Bo Jackson, Deon Sanders, or Dayrl Green once ran 4.13? (Has been reported that Green ran several crazy fast 40’s in college but he said 4.15 was his fastest)

9. High quality custom-made belts have: 3, 4, or 5 holes?

10. Colloway Cabretta Leather golf gloves are made from: Goats, Pigs, or Sheep? (light soft leather from skins of hairy sheep)