Trivia Questions 04/22/22

  1. This NBA Player did not start playing basketball until he was 15 yrs old and is playing so well this year because he wants his now 1 yr old son to see his dad be the best so his son will want to be even better – is it: Ja Morant, Joel Embid, or Jordan Poole? (Joel and his girlfriend Anne had a baby boy named Arthur last Feb – Arthur is named after Joel’s late brother)
  2. As an adult we have 4 to 5 quarts but when we are borne we have closer to: 1/2 a pint, 1 pint, or 2 pints of blood?
  3. Bible Question: An Angel revealed himself of Zechariah and destroyed his: Sight, Skin, or Voice? (Luke: 1:18-25)
  4. If a 160lb person could rid their body of bacteria they would weigh closer to: 156, 158, or 160lbs?
  5. This NBA center plans to study medicine so he can be a doctor after playing basketball: Joel Embid, Karl-Anthony Towns, or Kristaps Porzingis? (As a 19r worked for a charity Samaritan’s Feet, charity gifting shoes to those in need)
  6. Scientific experts are predicting the first “Artificial General Intelligence” to be created by: 2026, 2028, or 2030?
  7. Last week during the NBA’s Timberwolves vs Clippers play-in game a woman glued her right or left hand to the court? (She was protecting against poultry farms because they were incinerating chickens in an effort to stave off the Avian Flu)
  8. A blind person regaining their sight through surgery describe their blindness as seeing: Black, Nothing, or Various Shades of Gray?
  9. This NBA Player has an imaginary friend that sits on his shoulders during games – encouraging & cheering him on – is it: Patrick Beverly, Kyrie Irving, or Karl Anthony Towns? (His name is Karlito – Karl’s alter ego)
  10. According to research it takes closer to: :41 seconds, 1 min & 40 seconds, or 4 minutes & 10 seconds to realize if you like or dislike someone?