Trivia Questions 03/25/22

  1. After transferring from Texas Tech to Oklahoma University – Baker Mayfield had to sit out for a season – he wasn’t allowed to play intramural football so, he wound up playing on a 2 Time Intramural Champion: Soccer/Softball/Ultimate Frisbee team?
  2. Odds are – your everyday drive to work car – will not start when you return from a: 2, 4, or 6 month vacation? (The battery might possibly make it to 3 months but you cannot count on it – On average 2 months and in some cases as little as 2 weeks)
  3. This NFL QB has a communications degree and pre-game rituals that include talking with his mother, praying, and eating candy – is it: Baker Mayfield, DeShawn Watson, or Patrick Mahomes?
  4. Which creature actually responsible for killing more Americans each year: Deer, Dogs, or Squirrels? (Deer (120), Dogs (57), Squirrels are not on the list Mosquito’s are #1, Deer are #2, Dogs are #3 and Bees, Hornets, & Wasps are #4 with (30-50)?
  5. Which NFL QB is a Big Time Belieber: Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, or Trevor Lawrence? (Allen has big bro love for Justin Bieber)
  6. Bible Question: According to Revelation – when Christ returns to Earth, the destruction of the wicked will be so complete that blood will flow so high it will reach: (Carpus) or Knee High, (Stifle) or Thigh Hight, or Bridle High on a horse?
  7. This NFL QB eats 2 Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly Sandwiches each day: Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, or Justin Herbert?
  8. The first little piggy went to market, the second little piggy stayed home, what did the 3rd little piggy do? (Had Roast Beef)
  9. He has a Labrador Retriever named Bruce Wayne, he plays guitar & drums, he loves basketball and his favorite color is “Police Shirt Light Blue”, is it: Derek Carr, Matt Ryan, or Russell Wilson?
  10. When providing CPR you should compress the heart area: 10, 20, or 30 times before stopping to inflate the lungs with mouth to mouth resusicitation.