Trivia Questions 03/11/22

  1. Michael Jordan, Kim Kardashian, or Martha Stewart – who has the highest net worth? (MJ 1.6Bil, KK 1.8Bil, MS $400Mil)
  2. Energy Star certified washing machines – on average use closer to: 5, 10, or 15 gallons of water per load? (14 gal)
  3. During his final half-court farewell Duke speech last Saturday Night Coach Mike Krzyzewski said, “He loved his family more than basketball” – How many family members stood with him inside the Duke emblem at half-court: 11, 12, or 13?
  4. Bible Question: From the book of Acts – when Saul lost his sight on the way to Damascus – God told a man to go and heal him – God told him he would find Saul on Straight Street at the house of: Ananias, Judas, or Tarsus? (Ananias was the man God sent to heal Saul, Tarsus is the town Saul came from, and the house where Saul was staying was the house of Judas)
  5. How old was Gladys Presley when she gave birth to “The King” Elvis Presley: 15, 17, 19, or 21? (Gladys got illegally married to 17 year old Vernon Presley at the age of 21 – she was pregnant with twins and only Elvis survived the birth)
  6. How old was Gloria James when she gave birth to “The King” LeBron James: 15, 16, or 17? (When LeBron was 9 years old – his mother asked a coach of Youth Basketball if LeBron could move in with him – destiny followed)
  7. LeBron James put on a show last Saturday Night when he put up 56 pts on the Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors – his 56 pts were higher or lower than his highest point total from his days at St. Vincent – St. Mary High School? (52 points his highest point total in High School)
  8. In true size only – which ball is bigger: a Bocci, Croquet, or Wiffle Ball?
  9. The men’s national High School basketball scoring record for a single player in a single game is best represented by the speed associated with a: Cheetah, Cork of Champaigne Bottle when opened, or a 1200 HP Turbo Jetski? (Cheetah 77mph, Cork 100mph, Jetski 135mph – Danny Heater scored 135 on 1/26/1960 in Burnsville, WV vs Widen – Heater made 53 of 70 shots and 29 of 41 Free Throws – he played only 32 minutes – Final score of the game was 173 – 43)
  10. Florida, California, Hawaii, or New York are among America’s most favorite states to visit: Idaho, Kansas, or Nebraska hold the current title as the state lease desired by Americans to visit? (Something Cornhuskers probably appreciate)