Trivia Questions 02/25/23

  1. In Dec 2023 you’ll be able to spend 274 days on Royal Caribbean’s, “Ultimate World Cruise” – visiting 150 destinations in 65 countries on all 7 continents – the minimum price per person for this “Ultimate World Cruise” is more or less than $53,000 ($61,000 – there will be 2,500 passengers)
  2. How many NBA Players have won 6 MVP Awards: None, 1, or 2? (Kareem Abdul Jabbar 6, Jordan & Russell 5, James 4, Bird, Magic, Moses Malone 3)
  3. Orbital Assembly is a company specializing in space station design – is planning to open 2, space hotels – one will accommodate up to 400 guests – the other 28 person hotel is currently slated to open closer to: 2025, 2035, or 2045?
  4. Like it or not Rhianna’s Super Bowl 57 half-time show was visually stunning but Rhianna herself had to be a bit stunned when she got a look at the 6-day rental bill for her Super Bowl 57 stay in Arizona – the talented singer paid: $125,000, $250,000, or $500,000 for her temporary accommodations? (Paradise Valley Mansion that was $85,000 a night – $510,000 for 6 days – Sorry, I can’t mentally grasp that kind of lifestyle)
  5. When visiting a Disney amusement park – an adult is never more than 12, 15, or 18 steps from a trashcan? (Disney claims visitors are never more than 30 feet from a trashcan – the avg adult step is 2.5 feet so, visitors are never more than 12 steps away from a trashcan)
  6. When Tiger Woods outdrove Justin Thomas on the 9th hole during the first round of the Genesis Open last week -he handed Justin a Tampex Tampon as they walked down the fairway – Thomas immediately threw the woman’s product to the ground launching a firestorm of criticism aimed at Woods for his insensitive actions – The drive that clouded Tiger’s judgment was more or less than 320 yds? (323 yds – all I can say about this is – Tiger obviously had thought about this for a while, he had to find the Tampon, put it in his pocket, and wait for the right moment to spring the surprise on his good friend & playing partner – Somewhere in all that planning you might think he would’ve thought better of this idea – even I (Not very smart man) could see the message he wanted to deliver to his buddy might not be received well by 50%+ of anyone hearing/seeing the event unfold)
  7. American workers do not have this but globally the average number of mandated federally paid days off for employees is: 6, 12, or 18? (According to Benefit News, the European Union requires employers to provide a minimum of 20 paid vacation days – The UK provides 28 days of vacation – Non-government American workers have NO paid holidays and average 10 paid vacation days on average by employers – the second lowest among industrialized nations)
  8. Bible Question: According to the Gospel of John – this disciple was the one that found a young boy with five small barley loaves and 2 small fish that Christ used to feed about 5,000 men – was it: Andrew, James, or Peter?
  9. Las Vegas has the most hotel rooms of any city in the world with 152,000, 215,000, or 521,000?
  10. When measuring the circumference of a Men’s and Women’s regulation college basketball the men’s ball will measure: 1, 1.5, or 2 inches longer than a women’s ball?
  11. Swing Right Golf Trivia Text Question: Jan 21st, 2023 in the NFL, AFC divisional game against the Jacksonville Jaguars – Kansa City Chiefs fans watched in horror as their MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered a severe high ankle sprain – Here’s Your Question: On what yard line was Patrick Mahomes’ right ankle bent in a direction it was not designed to go? Answer: Chiefs 46 yard line