Trivia Questions 01/06/23

  1. What was the first plastic item made in America: Billiards, Croquet, or Wiffle Ball? (1869 Isaiah & John Wesley Hiatt developed “Celluloid” in an effort to win a $10,000 prize offered by Pool company searching for a substitute for expensive ivory)
  2. A person with Clinophobia – struggles when it’s time to go to: Bed, To the Doctor, or To the Fair? (Clinophobia: Fear of Beds)
  3. From the movie, “Ford vs Ferrari”, how much did Carroll Shelby/Ford agree to pay Ken Miles to help design a car that would be Ferrari at the 24 hrs of LeMans: $50, $100, or $200 a day? (It was actually Ken Miles that took Mr Ford for a ride in the car, Carroll Shelby did not bet control of Shelby International to Ford – Old Man Ferrari was not at the race. There were 2 years of underperformance at LeMans before Ford dominated-the producers just threw out one entire year)
  4. In what year did the Mini-Shirt first show it’s face and a lot more: 1961, 1964, or 1968? (In 1964 Mary Quant’s famous London shop, “Bazaar” raised her skirt hemlines several inches and called it the “Mini” after her favorite car the “Austin Mini” – it became a memorable part of history)
  5. Garth Brooks was the first entertainer to perform at Johnny Morris’s Thunder Ridge Nature Arena – Did you know in the 1980’s Garth was a: Hammer Throw, Javeline, or Shot Put specialist for the Oklahoma State Cowboys Track & Field team?
  6. Country Music Star Wynonna Judd or Beetlejuice & Movie Star Winona Ryder, which was born in a city named Winona? (Winona Ryder even spells her name the exact same as Winona, MN)
  7. How many years did Art Hains host the pre & post game shows for the Dallas Cowboys: 2, 4, or 6? (Art was actually the voice of the MSU Bears from 1977-81 when he left to do the play-by-play for SMU and also host the pre & post-game shows for the Dallas Cowboys before returning to the Bears in 1985)
  8. Which is greater- the distance traveling halfway across the United States from New York to San Francisco or the length of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? (New York to San Fran is $2,902 miles (1,451 Miles/Great Barrier Reef 1,429 Miles)
  9. Back in 1985 Chicago Bear QB Mim McMahon got fined for wearing an Adidas headband – the next week he wore a headband with “Rozelle”, the NFL Commissioner’s name written on it – McMahon was fined more or less than the week before? (He was fined $5,000 the first week the second week he was not fined – and actually received and call Pete Rozelle thanking him for the free advertising – McMahon later found out there was no rule in the rulebook at that time saying, “I should’nt have paid the fine – the rule was just made-up” – Later, McMahon would feature charities and POW causes on his headband – by the way he continued to wear the addidas headband – he just wore it around his neck – it was still very visible)
  10. Bible Question: Before ascending into heaven – where did Jesus tell his disciples to wait until the Great Comforter/Holy Spirit arrived: Galilee, Jerusalem, or Nazareth?
  11. Big Shots Golf Text Trivia Quesiton: Hopefully, from 1974 you can remember, “THE RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE” featuring a dethrowned Muhammad Ali using the Rope-A-Dope to defeat a monster of a man, George Foreman and regaining the Heavy Weight Title. Here is your question: What was the first year anyone saw the Great George Foreman on TV promoting his famous George Foreman Grill? Answer: 1995 the grill was invented in 1994 but TV commercials did not begin until 1995?