1. First person to visit Wings Etc, 2651 N. Glenstone and tell us the name of their 11″, 1/2 lb Monster Hog Dog will win $20 to Wireless Trendz, $20 to Wingz Etc, & a Round of Golf with Cart at Island Green Golf Club.
  2. In 2017 Kansas University signed a new 14 yr apparel deal with Addidas worth: $12, $14, or $16 Million per yr?
  3. Since Bob Barker started hosting the show how many years has the Price Is Right been on TV: 44, 46, 48 yrs?
  4. How much does Hockey’s Lord Stanlely’s Cup Trophy weigh: 34.5, 43.5, or 53.4 lbs?
  5. How much does a gallon of milk weigh: 6.8 or 8.6 lbs?
  6. A “Lisfranc” injury involves the: Neck, Hand, or Foot? (Carolina Panther QB Cam Newton is suffering with this injury to his foot)
  7. 100 sheets of 8.5″X11″ bonded typing paper weighs: less than 1lb, 1lb, or more than 1lb? (500 sheets 5 lbs)
  8. There are 3 NFL Rookies that passed for more than 4,000 yds their rookie seasons, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and Sam Bradford, Carson Wentz, or Jameis Winston?
  9. Which as more sugar: Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? (Dark generally has more sugar and Milk has more fat)
  10. What was the number of the Seahawks football player that hit Pete Carrol in the nose requiring stitches: 53, 57, or 83? (LB Coby Barton)
  11. Stinky Eye Burning Puetrid Smelling Skunk Spray is or is not flamable?
  12. A 4 year $100 Million contract is a number most closely associated with: Yasiel Puig, Yannis Antekoumpo, or Dak Prescot?
  13. The most popular selling hot air balloon size is 55 ft wide & 5, 6, or 7 stories tall?
  14. The NBA’s highest single game for scoring during the 2018-2019 season was: 59, 60, or 61 pts? (Kemba Walker)
  15. The minimum requirement for a Hot Air Baloon Private Pilot is: 14, 16, or 18? (Student 14, Private 16, or Commercial 18)
  16. Basketballs all-time lightest shoes are courtesy of: Kobe, MJ, or LeBron? (Kobe KB Mentality 2 (9.03oz)
  17. Bible Question: Who asked the Canaanites for a place to bury his dead: Abraham, Moses, or David?
  18. The avg player in the NFL is carrying: 16, 20, or 24 lbs of pads & equipment?
  19. 3,000, 5,000, or 7,000 employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work at Amazon HQ’s in Seattle, WA?
  20. NFL player towels must be tucked in at the waist and can not be longer than: 8, 10, or 12 inches in length? (6″ wide 8″ long)